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Rovtech Systems Ltd are specialists in design and manufacture of underwater and nuclear harsh environment remote inspection and intervention systems.

Our products include hand held and remotely operated sensor arrays for operation with ROV's, Towed Video Units, Drop Cameras, Diver Camera, Remote Articulation and Mini Cameras. High and Low intensity lighting utilising LED, Halogen and Metal Halide modules manufactured to meet operation in wet surface areas to full ocean depths.

Our product range is quickly expanding with the addition of new and innovative designed bespoke units to suit the needs of our clients.

Rovtech Systems Ltd has established a well deserved reputation for supplying high quality, reasonably priced Remote Harsh Environment Systems for the Offshore, Environmental, Security, Scientific and Research sectors of modern industry.

Offshore ROV's - Remote Intervention Systems & Tools   Rovtech Systems are ROV Manufacturers who understand high power, heavy duty rugged design for harsh environments such as eg. Oil Rigg Drilling. Our ROV’s are easy to fly and maintain and have simplicity of design that makes them simple yet reliable.
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Nuclear Licensed Sites   Solutions for Nuclear Licensed Sites are available from Rovtech Systems, including RAD Tolerant Cameras, Pond Lighting, Remotely Operated Vehicles and CCTV Cameras. For any other requirements or bespoke requests Rovtech systems can provide the solution…
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Environmental Monitoring Solutions   Working with various educational establishments Rovtech Systems Ltd have manufactured ROV's (Remotely Operated Vehicles) and built specialist products such as Still Cameras, Video Cameras and Lighting based on specific requirements and specifications allowing research on marine, plant life, etc. View More from Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Security & Surveillance Industries   General Monitoring to more covert operations. Wireless radio viewing of dangerous or concealed spaces. Searchcam which has been primarily designed for Port and Harbour Security but can be used in many situations.
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